Jackpot 6000 Slot

By NetEnt

Jackpot 6000 Slot
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RTP 98.90%

Min bet $0.10

Max bet $2

Max Win bet x 1200

2 online casinos offer free spins for Jackpot 6000 slot

Jackpot 6000 Basic info

Game provider NetEnt

Release Date 1/2011

RTP 98.90%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity High

Min bet $0.10

Max bet $2

Max Win bet x 1200

Gamble Feature RTP, Scatter symbols, Mobile version, Volatility, Supplier

Layout 3x3

Devices Support all devices

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility High

Progressive Jackpot No

Welcome to the classic era of slots. Jackpot 6000 is a nostalgic trip down the memory lane with an insanely high RTP.

Jackpot 6000 is a slot with an interesting background. It is based on a real-life Norwegian slot machine called Jackpot 2000. In 2007 NetEnt released the first version of Jackpot 6000, which was a mechanical copy of the Norwegian classic. Then Betsoft released a digital version of Jackpot 2000 a few years later, but this game has become a rarity in online casinos.

Later NetEnt revised Jackpot 6000 in 2011, and that is the version that is available today. The main difference between the versions is that you can’t change your line bet. You always play at the maximum bet and can only choose which coin size to use.

With a history like this, the game has to be at least somewhat interesting, and that it is. It is a perfect recreation of an old-fashioned slot machine that plays and sounds like it could have been in a casino in the ’80s or ’90s.

Time has not been on the side of Jackpot 6000. The game does feel a bit old, but one thing about it is still better than in almost any other game today, its RTP value. Jackpot 6000 has a whopping 98% Return to Player, which means that this game hands out wins. It has a very high volatility, so the risk is big, as is the reward.

Graphics and sound

When you open the game up, you are greeted with a classic game room with several slot machines all lined up. You hop on one of them and start your nostalgia trip.

Jackpot 6000 looks and sounds like a proper slot machine of yesteryear. The buttons have a satisfying click and the hum of the reels is just the way I remember it. Even the break sound when the reels stop brings back so many memories.

All is not perfect, though. When you win anything, the machine really comes to life. Lights start to flicker and a hectic song starts to play. The machine really wants you to make snap decisions, if not for anything else, then to just shut it up. I quickly turned the sounds off, as this was just too much for me.

In a way, I do love the aesthetics of Jackpot 6000. It is a classic game with a classic look. Unfortunately, it is just not a look for me.

Jackpot 6000 Highlights

  • RTP: With the RTP of 98.9%, Jackpot 6000 is great for wagering your bonus.
  • Scatter symbols: Collect scatter symbols to get free spins and/or cash prizes.
  • Mobile version: This slot runs smoothly on any mobile device.
  • Volatility: This high volatility slot has big, less frequent wins.
  • Supplier: NetEnt has 166 more slots listed on Slototimes.

Symbols and wins

Cherries, lemons, plums, bells and stars; what could be more fitting. Every symbol is just like they should in a game of this style and it runs with just three reels. You always need three of the same symbol on a payline with one special exception.

Jackpot 6000 has a balanced paytable, with three cherries giving 20 coins at 10 coin bet level and stars rewarding you with 100 coins. It is a high volatility game, which does mean that you are going to encounter dry spells.

The joker here is not a wild, but a jackpot symbol. If you get three of a kind on a payline, you win a 6,000 coin jackpot. During the Supermeter mode, the joker will turn into a scatter symbol and hand out easier wins.


Jackpot 6000 is a straightforward game. It is easy for anyone to understand and the old-school appearance helps. All the wins and modes are spelled out on the machine itself and you don’t even need to read the instructions to know what everything does. Simple, fast and fun.

  • Joker Wins: Get the joker symbols on the screen and win the jackpot.

Jokers are valuable in Jackpot 6000, but they behave a bit erratically depending on if you are in the base game or if the Supermeter is active. Normally you need three jokers on a payline to hit the 6,000 coin jackpot. During the Supermeter rounds, they are more whimsical and give you a random win between 10 and 6,000 coins.

  • Supermeter: A high-risk mode that gives you easier Joker Wins.

Every time you win anything, you have the option to transfer some or all of the winnings to the Supermeter. If you do, the next rounds will be played with a double wager until you either run out of Supermeter money or you collect what you have back. During Supermeter the joker symbols turn into scatters and you win with only two of them, instead of the normal three. The downside is that the jokers hand out random wins instead of fixed ones.

  • Doubling: You can try to double your wins with a flip of a coin.

All except the joker wins can be doubled in Jackpot 6000. After a win, the doubling buttons start to flicker like crazy and you have the option double up. You can either collect all wins, transfer part of it to safety or try to double them up. Choose heads or tails and if you get it right, you just made double your money. You can double up until your win goes above 3,000 coins.

Final Thoughts

Jackpot 6000 is a remnant of a bygone era, which is both a blessing and a curse. For those who seek an authentic and classic slot, Jackpot 6000 is a great choice. For others, the game might seem like an old-fashioned fruit machine, with nothing to offer.

Personally, I tend to lean a bit to the latter group. I just can’t get behind a game like this anymore. I have seen what modern technology can bring to the table and that is what I’m looking for. I do have to point out, that if I were Norwegian, then I might just love this due to nostalgia over Jackpot 2000.

I did find a small bug in the game, which many people might notice. You can hit the spin button multiple times before the reels actually start to spin and every time it takes away more coins. Luckily the game corrects itself immediately and you will only pay the one round’s wager.

If you enjoy the mechanics of Jackpot 6000 but feel that the game has seen better days, have I got a game for you. Yggdrasil’s Jokerizer is basically the same game, but with a modern look and feel.


In what languages can I play Jackpot 6000 slot?

You can play Jackpot 6000 in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and 20 other languages.

What currencies Jackpot 6000 slot supports?

Jackpot 6000 supports GBP, EUR, USD, CAD.

What are the main themes of Jackpot 6000 slot?

The main themes of Jackpot 6000 slot are gambling and luck. The slot features a casino-style theme with a jackpot that can be won by spinning the reels. The slot also features a number of bonus features that can be used to increase the chances of winning.

How volatile is Jackpot 6000 slot?

The slot game Jackpot 6000 is highly volatile.

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