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Betsoft slots to play for free
Betsoft, a game developer with over 15 years of experience, emerged in 2006. Like many other players in the gaming industry, they are headquartered in Valletta, Malta. Early on, the game developer chose to specialize in the 3D genre, and to this day, these innovative slots define Betsoft for many players. Since it would be a long time before any other game developers dared to venture into the same genre, Betsoft remains unmatched in the realm of 3D games.
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Gemmed! Free Spins
RTP 96.46%
Max win bet x 21667
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Gladiator Free Spins
RTP 92.67%
Max win bet x 400
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House of Fun Free Spins
House of Fun
RTP 94.96%
Max win bet x 150
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4 seasons Free Spins
4 seasons
RTP 95.30%
Max win bet x 5000
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7th Heaven Free Spins
7th Heaven
RTP 95.80%
Max win bet x 150
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RTP 94.58%
Max win bet x 4104
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A Night in Paris Free Spins
A Night in Paris
RTP 96.92%
Max win bet x 954000
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After Night Falls Free Spins
After Night Falls
RTP 97.29%
Max win bet x 10333
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Arrival Free Spins
RTP 92.26%
Max win bet x 400
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At the Copa Free Spins
At the Copa
RTP 97.42%
Max win bet x 430000
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At The Movies Free Spins
At The Movies
RTP 97.48%
Max win bet x 7328
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Aztec Treasures Free Spins
Aztec Treasures
RTP 93.01%
Max win bet x 300
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Back to Venus Free Spins
Back to Venus
RTP 97.07%
Max win bet x 4338
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Bamboo Rush Free Spins
Bamboo Rush
RTP 96.90%
Max win bet x 53208
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Blood Eternal Free Spins
Blood Eternal
RTP 95.03%
Max win bet x 6437
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Book of Darkness Free Spins
Book of Darkness
RTP 96.23%
Max win bet x 640
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Carnaval Forever Free Spins
Carnaval Forever
RTP 96.22%
Max win bet x 1000
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Dim Sum Prize Free Spins
Dim Sum Prize
RTP 97.18%
Max win bet x 377.6
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Dragon Kings Free Spins
Dragon Kings
RTP 95.20%
Max win bet x 280753
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Fa-Fa Twins Free Spins
Fa-Fa Twins
RTP 95.29%
Max win bet x 6480
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Review of Betsoft

Numerous Awards Over the Years

Betsoft’s recent success has not gone unnoticed in the gaming world. In 2017, they received their first award at the LC Awards, and since then, their trophy shelf has rapidly filled up. They have garnered recognition at prestigious events such as the Malta iGaming Awards, the iGaming Media Starlet Awards, the Migea Malta iGaming Excellence Awards, the G2E Asia Awards, the EGR B2B Awards, and more.

Over 500 Casinos in 40+ Countries

A testament to Betsoft’s popularity is the wide distribution of their games. Their titles are available in over 500 online casinos across more than 40 countries worldwide. While some game developers may not have achieved the same status among Swedish players, Betsoft has undoubtedly gained recognition in the Swedish casino market.

More than 220 Games in the Portfolio – and More to Come

Betsoft is not a studio that churns out games constantly. Instead, they focus on carefully developing unique titles. In 15 years, they have produced nearly 230 games, a remarkable number, especially considering the incredibly advanced graphics featured in many of their games.

Betsoft’s Game Offerings

Betsoft has chosen to offer a wide range of games in their portfolio. While 3D slots are their defining feature, their collection extends beyond that. Video slots dominate their selection with nearly 150 titles, but they have also developed a significant number of card games played with a random number generator (RNG), often referred to as Virtual Table Games. In addition to card games, they offer dice games, several roulette variations, virtual scratch cards, virtual horse racing, and their impressive Max Quest series.

Max Quest – A Unique Gaming Experience

Betsoft’s Max Quest series offers an impressive gaming experience that has yet to receive the attention it deserves. This series stands out for its extraordinary graphics, incredible design capabilities, breathtaking themes, and exciting missions. Players actively participate in the outcome of each round, aiming and shooting at enemies, with potential winnings depending on their skill in eliminating opponents.

Betsoft Jackpot Slots

While jackpots are not the primary focus of Betsoft, they do offer a selection of about 10 slots with jackpot functionality. Although it may not be their largest category, these games have gained popularity and have awarded substantial winnings over the years. One notable win occurred on the game Crazy JP60000 on July 7th, 2014 when a fortunate player from neighboring Norway won a staggering €126,000. Here are some of the jackpot titles from Betsoft:

Games Distinguished by Fantastic Graphics

While Betsoft’s portfolio includes a considerable number of games with relatively simple graphics, it is their 3D slots that have become the face of their offerings. Most players associate Betsoft with the magical graphics featured in slots such as The Slotfather II, Back to Venus, and Yak Yeti and Roll.

Games with the Highest RTP Values

We have delved into the games from Betsoft that boast the highest RTP (return to player) percentages. The top-ranking games primarily belong to the categories of video poker and table games. However, there are also several slot games that exceed a 97% RTP:

Betsoft continues to captivate players with their diverse range of games, advanced graphics, and innovative features. With over 15 years of experience, they have established themselves as a leading game developer in the industry.

Betsoft – A Versatile Game Developer with Outstanding Graphics

Betsoft stands out as a game developer in a remarkably positive way. They found their niche relatively early on and have since refined it to an incredible extent. However, they are not afraid to embrace new ideas and concepts, demonstrating a humble approach to game development. This mindset is crucial for continuous growth and evolution as a developer. Quality takes precedence over quantity for Betsoft, yet they maintain a steady production rate, offering players several new titles each year.

Their willingness to improvise and explore new territories reflects their confidence and has resulted in a diverse portfolio of games. Betsoft offers a range of options, including video slots, classic slots, virtual table games, and interactive casino games such as the Max Quest series. In an industry where many developers seem to churn out slot machines en masse, it’s refreshing to indulge in Betsoft’s thoughtfully crafted games. These titles have been optimized in terms of design and gameplay features to cater to the players’ desires.

There is no doubt that Betsoft will continue to thrive, as long as they maintain the high quality of their current team of developers. We can expect to see a significant number of new titles from them in the future, and we eagerly anticipate their release. In the meantime, we can fully enjoy Betsoft’s impressive selection of online casino games, which are filled with innovative gems.


Which authorities have licensed Betsoft?

Betsoft holds licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN), and AAMS Italy.

Are Betsoft's games compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Betsoft’s games are designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices, ensuring seamless gaming experiences across various platforms.

What are some unique features of Betsoft's slots?

Unique features of Betsoft’s slots include groundbreaking 3D technology, interactive casino games like the Max Quest series, and an extensive portfolio of high-quality games.

What is the Bonus Buy feature in Betsoft slots?

The Bonus Buy feature allows players to purchase direct access to a game’s bonus round for a predetermined cost, offering an instant opportunity to win big.

Can you name some Betsoft slots with free spins, multiplier symbols, and scatter symbols?

Slots with free spins include Stampede, Charms and Clovers, and Gypsy Rose. Slots with multiplier symbols are Fruit Zen, Birds!, and The Tipsy Tourist. Slots with scatter symbols include More Gold Diggin’, Fire & Steel, and Blood Eternal.