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Kalamba Games, founded in 2016, is a data-driven game developer that offers extraordinary gaming experiences. Their innovation stems from a smart and creative team that consistently utilizes the best and latest technology. In this review, we will delve into everything you need to know about this fascinating game developer, which holds a Swedish gaming license starting from July 1, 2023.
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Agent 51 Free Spins
Agent 51
RTP 96.17%
Max win bet x 5593
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Ducks Till Dawn Free Spins
Ducks Till Dawn
RTP 96.91%
Max win bet x 15595
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Doctor Electro Free Spins
Doctor Electro
RTP 96.23%
Max win bet x 2000
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Firedrake's Fortune Free Spins
Firedrake's Fortune
RTP 97.44%
Max win bet x 7408
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Goblins & Gemstones Free Spins
Goblins & Gemstones
RTP 96.30%
Max win bet x 38890
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Griffin's Quest Free Spins
Griffin's Quest
RTP 96.50%
Max win bet x 26000
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Joker Leprechauns Free Spins
Joker Leprechauns
RTP 97.42%
Max win bet x 10000
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Joker Max Free Spins
Joker Max
RTP 97.42%
Max win bet x 10000
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Operation: Diamond Hunt Free Spins
Operation: Diamond Hunt
RTP 97.27%
Max win bet x 10000
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Pawprints of Purrsia Free Spins
Pawprints of Purrsia
RTP 96.73%
Max win bet x 2883
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Pyro Pixie Free Spins
Pyro Pixie
RTP 96.11%
Max win bet x 8000
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Speakeasy Boost Free Spins
Speakeasy Boost
RTP 96.50%
Max win bet x 52520
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Review of Kalamba Games

A Forward-Thinking Game Developer

Kalamba Games has had a remarkable year in 2021. They have entered several important gaming markets, including Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. In October 2021, they achieved a significant milestone by obtaining a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Kalamba Games: Thriving in the Mobile Market

As a next-generation game developer, Kalamba Games recognizes the importance of mobile optimization. Today, most players prefer mobile and tablet devices over traditional computers. Kalamba has adapted its games to ensure you can enjoy them wherever you are, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Being a market leader, it is crucial for them to ensure that all mechanics function seamlessly on your mobile device. Kalamba is undoubtedly a game developer to watch out for in the future.

Kalamba Games: Over 50 Games in the Portfolio

Kalamba Games aims to maintain a relatively high pace of game releases, and they have successfully achieved that goal so far. As of November 2021, their game portfolio includes an impressive collection of 54 slots, with more games in the pipeline.

They launch their games through their own platform called Bullseye RGS, which allows gaming operators to seamlessly integrate Kalamba Games’ titles into their offerings.

In terms of game variety, Kalamba Games covers a wide range of themes and gameplay mechanics. From thrilling diamond hunts in “Operation Diamond Hunt” to cheerful leprechauns in “Finnegan’s Formula” and mysterious Mayan gods in “Age of Huracan,” their games offer diverse and engaging experiences.

Despite frequent releases, Kalamba Games maintains a remarkably high standard of quality, paying attention to even the smallest details. They are also known for featuring strong female protagonists in their slots, such as “Caribbean Anne” and “Zombie Queen.” These characters exemplify the game developer’s commitment to showcasing powerful women as central figures. Now, let’s introduce some of the games developed by Kalamba for a quick glimpse into the breadth of their offerings.

Top 5 Slots

Slot Name Description
Griffins Quest An adventure on Mount Olympus with fantasy creatures, Hyper Bonus, Wheel Bonus, and Progressive Spins
Sky Hunters A treasure hunt in the sky featuring Lucky Loops, Hyper-bet, Hyperbonus, and a free spins function
Miami Bonus Wheel A modern Vegas-style slot with the Miami Bonus Wheel feature offering cash prizes and free spins
Joker Max A classic Vegas game with a jackpot, extra free spins, and a profitable hyper bonus
Caribbean Anne A pirate-themed game with strong female characters, bonus features, and engaging gameplay

Top 3 Little Known Slots To Play

Slot Name Description
Operation Diamond Hunt An exciting diamond hunt adventure with unique features and engaging gameplay
Finnegan’s Formula A quirky slot with a scientific theme, inventive gameplay mechanics, and high-quality graphics
Age of Huracan A mysterious Mayan-themed game with immersive visuals and innovative gameplay features

Top 3 Unique Slots

Slot Name Description
Zombie Queen A horror-themed slot with strong female characters, innovative gameplay features, and stunning visuals
Atlantis Thunder St. Patrick’s Edition A unique blend of mythology and Irish themes, offering impressive payouts and engaging gameplay
Blazing Bull An animal-themed slot with a distinctive design, featuring exciting bonus rounds and special features

Summing Up the Innovative Game Developer

Since 2016, Kalamba Games has consistently released new and innovative slots. They strive to create games with a special “wow factor” that unmistakably carries the Kalamba Games’ touch. If you haven’t tried their games yet, we highly recommend doing so. Their latest releases offer thrilling gameplay and are packed with features that boost your chances of winning. Many of their games have a high level of volatility, meaning that wins may occur less frequently but can be significantly larger. If you’re curious about the potential of their games, a visit to the Kalamba Games Hall of Fame is highly recommended. Overall, Kalamba Games has successfully crafted a cohesive concept, combining standout design, creative features, and an optimal online gaming experience.

As a forward-thinking game developer, Kalamba Games understands the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving industry. With their focus on mobile optimization, they ensure that their games are fully compatible with mobile devices. Recognizing the growing preference for mobile gaming, Kalamba Games has adapted their titles to provide an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, regardless of your location. This commitment to mobile accessibility further solidifies their position as a leading game developer of the future.

In conclusion, Kalamba Games has been a prominent figure since its establishment in 2016, consistently releasing innovative slots. Their games are infused with a special “wow factor” that distinguishes them as products of Kalamba Games. With their recent releases offering dynamic gameplay and rewarding features, Kalamba Games delivers an exciting and fulfilling online gaming experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore their diverse portfolio and indulge in the quality entertainment they provide.


What is the Bullseye RGS platform?

The Bullseye RGS platform is the technology used by Kalamba Games for developing their slots, making it easier for gaming companies to integrate their titles.

Are Kalamba Games slots mobile-optimized?

Yes, Kalamba Games designs their games to be compatible with mobile devices, ensuring seamless gameplay on smartphones and tablets.

What is the Hyper Bonus feature?

Hyper Bonus is a special feature in some Kalamba Games slots that enhances winning potential, found in games like Griffins Quest and Sky Hunters.

Does Kalamba Games offer Megaways slots?

While Kalamba Games hasn’t ventured into Megaways slots, their games offer a wide variety of paylines, unique features, and high-quality graphics.

What are some slots with the Bonus Buy feature from Kalamba Games?

Joker Max, Blazing Bull, and Caribbean Anne are some of the slots from Kalamba Games that offer the Bonus Buy feature.