Our Mission

Our mission here at SlotoTimes is to assist and advise both newcomers and experienced players in identifying the most popular online slots available in the current iGaming market. For your convenience, we have studied and partnered with experts from different fields.

Slot Reviews from Top Software Providers

Slot Reviews from Top Software Providers

Our team here at SlotoTimes always monitors the worldwide iGaming industry. Our responsibility is to find the most recent online slots that will appeal to players. Instead of wasting hours visiting online casinos to find and enjoy the games you like, you can go ahead and read our detailed slot reviews on this site. You’ll always easily access the best bonuses with top-notch conditions. Furthermore, our team goes over each online slot in-depth, explaining each game’s RTP, volatility, bonus rounds, symbols, and other important features.

Maximizing Safety to Improve the Gaming Experience

Maximizing Safety to Improve the Gaming Experience

We want to ensure you have the best time when it all comes down to playing at online casinos. That’s because we understand how much fun and excitement these games cater to iGaming fans. While we focus on obtaining information about the best slots and casino bonus offers, our priority will always be safe and trustworthy platforms.
Our company exclusively works with reliable, well-known, and trusted online casinos. Your personal and financial information will remain secure at the casinos we suggest on our website because they take every precaution to avoid fraud and identity theft.

Find With Ease What You Need

Find With Ease What You Need

Other highlights of SlotoTimes include its user-friendliness and simple site navigation. The structure of our site is simple, so you won’t have any trouble finding your favorite slot machine or bonus offer with just a few clicks. You may also sort the slot machines and bonus offers by various criteria.

An All-Around Coverage of Online Casinos and Bonus Codes

An All-Around Coverage of Online Casinos and Bonus Codes

Our experienced team of experts hand-picked these new online casinos with the most recent promotions in mind. Therefore, our users may choose from various software providers, iGaming sites, and exclusive bonuses.

Furthermore, we provide a list of all worthy bonus codes and bonuses on our site users to pick from:

  • No Deposit Bonus Codes – You may test numerous online casino games with these bonuses without risking any of your own money. To get the bonus cash, you must register an account and enter the given code to receive your prize.
  • Free Spins Codes – If slots are your favorite game, look for online casinos that provide free spins. These may be part of your no-deposit bonus or require a real-money deposit alongside the right bonus code.
  • Deposit Bonus Codes – With this promotion, your deposits can be raised by up to 100%.

Why You Can Trust Us

At SlotoTimes, we've assembled a great team of iGaming experts and gambling fans to offer you the most incredible slots.
In our humble opinion, independent websites specializing in collecting and assessing slot machines and casino bonus codes are essential for all online gamblers and improving the entire iGaming spectrum.
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Here is some basic info about our company:

Meet Our Team

SlotoTimes gathers a team of the following casino niche professionals:
Jame Giles Head of Product & CO Founder
Our leader, creator, and inspiration. Jame has been in the gambling industry for over 9 years now. Starting as a simple croupier, he made his way up through every possible level of casino infrastructure. Having worked in many online gambling companies, Jame knows the business inside out.
Brian Rasta Game Expert, Poker
Brian has been to 13 countries around the world, and he played poker in every single one of them. He is an old poker professional who prefers 3-card brag nowadays. If there is someone who can define a good poker or poker-related table, it’s Brian.
Leticia Miranda Slot Games Analyst
Leticia Miranda is a former gambling reporter. She also has a master’s degree in journalism from New York University, knows everything about slot games, and is happy to share his knowledge. Leticia has covered a broad swath of topics and trends in the gambling world and is a font of great ideas and energy.
Leslie Alexander Content Lead
Leslie has been writing since she can remember. Former professional editor. She knows how to make words shine. She is the one responsible for writing the most important articles and coordinating our freelance content writers. She is actually the one writing this text right now!:)
Don Johnson Game Expert, Blackjack
Don used to work in Vegas. Not just work. He was a dealer in the top Vegas casinos for 4 years before joining us. Any card game you can think of Don can play. When we say play, we mean win. A total ace in our deck, Don will make your Blackjack experience unforgettable.
Joseph Revell Game Expert, Roulette
Probably the most remarkable person in our team. Joseph can make you fall in love with roulette. At least that’s what he does with us, persuading us to play it during our team-buildings. With over 6 years of experience in the field, he knows all about it and even a bit more.
Chris Bell Game Expert, Slot Machines
Another gambling software developer. Chris worked for Evolution Gaming for 6 years. Now he’s working with, projecting his knowledge on our reviews. Chris has tried so many slot games, he probably would never be able to count them.But he does know how to count the stars and rate a slot properly.

How We Make Money

On the internet, affiliate sites such as SlotoTimes have a strong following. We do not provide iGaming services, and our website contains no gambling-related features. Instead, we encourage you to play at our recommended online casinos. Our team spends countless hours searching the web for the best possible deals and the most trustworthy online iGaming companies.

Our primary goal is to identify and assess the most remarkable online slot machines and the most generous bonus offers from these trustworthy casinos. We may get a commission if you click our link, create an account, and begin playing at the casino.

Affiliate sites are a huge part of internet marketing. The most well-known example of an affiliate site is Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Affiliate marketing is widespread in the online gambling sector, and in online travel companies such as Booking.com and Hotels.com. Basically, affiliate marketing helps online casinos advertise and grow their customer base.

It’s not advisable to disregard information obtained from an affiliate site. Regardless of affiliation, several prominent casino blogs are offered by real players as the best resources on certain features, like games or bonuses.

Integrating an affiliate program is an excellent way to monetize our website. We are unable to formally suggest only one casino platform since we collect bonuses and promotional codes from so many different gambling sites that do their best to cater to players’ outstanding experiences. It’s totally up to you to select the casino you like the most. We just hand out thorough information on the casinos we deal with to help you make a more educated decision.

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