Legend of the Nile

By Betsoft

Legend of the Nile Slot

Legend of the Nile Basic info

Game provider Betsoft

Release Date 12/2017

RTP 95.63%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Medium

Min bet $0.30

Max bet $150

Max Win bet x 16234

Gamble Feature Jackpot, Bonus game or special game, Non standard reels, Cascading reels, Freespins

Layout 6x6

Devices Support all devices

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility High

Progressive Jackpot Yes

Legend of the Nile takes its inspiration from the culture surrounding this great river and introduces a slot with cascading reels, free spins and a tantalizing jackpot.

A slot set in Egyptian antiquity might not be the most original idea, but Legend of the Nile does a good job at injecting some original ideas. First off, this Betsoft slot released in 2017 uses non-standard reels with a 6×6 playing field. There are also no paylines, making use of the almost as familiar Cluster Pays mechanic to calculate wins instead.

This all combines into an entertaining albeit graphically unimpressive slot. That is not to say the graphics in the game aren’t adequate but the symbols are very small and the drawings feel rather simple to me. Luckily they do all fit the theme, with the high-paying symbols representing different types of characters while the low-paying symbols are based on actual hieroglyphs.

The background shows us a wide-open view of the Nile, flanked by pyramids and the Sphynx. In the foreground, flanking the playing field, are the different trackers that show us how many consecutive wins we’ve gotten. It also tracks how close we are to hitting the jackpot.


The symbols of Legend of the Nile are simple tiles with minimal animations. Some of the characters have very slight movement in them, such as a gem glinting or an ear twitching. The low-paying symbols are completely static except when part of a win. When there is a win the gems involved tremble before exploding, making room for new symbols.

From highest to lowest, the symbols are:

  • Ra: Ra symbols fill the Ra Power Bar. The more Ra Symbols, the higher the win. Max. 3.3x your bet with 20 or more Ra symbols in a single spin.
  • Anubis: Anubis symbols fill the Anubis Power Bar. The more Anubis Symbols, the higher the win. Max. 166x your bet with 30 or more Anubis symbols in a single spin.
  • Isis: Isis symbols fill the Isis Power Bar. The more Isis Symbols, the higher the win. Max. 166x your bet with 30 or more Isis symbols in a single spin.
  • Wild: Wilds substitute all symbols except the special symbols. 4 or more Pyramid symbols in a cluster reward a coin win up to 200x your bet.
  • Pharaoh: Max. 100x your bet with 20-or-more symbols in a cluster.
  • Golden Scarab: Max. 100x your bet with 20-or-more symbols in a cluster.
  • Eye of Horus: Max. 50x your bet with 20-or-more symbols in a cluster.
  • Ankh: Max. 50x your bet with 20-or-more symbols in a cluster.
  • Bird: Max. 15x your bet with 20-or-more symbols in a cluster.
  • Reeds: Max. 15x your bet with 20-or-more symbols in a cluster.
  • Water: Max. 10x your bet with 20-or-more symbols in a cluster.

I thought the symbols in the game are rather small but they are distinct enough to be easy to tell apart. The added effects of them glowing and exploding also makes it obvious when there’s a winning cluster before the remaining tiles drop down.


When playing Legend of the Nile, it depends on your normal slots to say whether or not it’s complicated or not. Players that only play classic slots will find the larger playing field and the cluster pays mechanics overwhelming, people that have seen it before won’t see anything new here.

The features include:

  • Cluster Pays: With 4 or more symbols touching horizontally or vertically, a coin win is awarded.
  • Non-Standard Reels: The playing field is a 6×6 size.
  • Cascading Reels: Whenever a cluster is created, the winning symbols explode and disappear, making room for new symbols. This continues for as long as new clusters are created.
  • Jackpot: When there are 20 Ra symbols on the screen during a single spin, the Jackpot is awarded.
  • Free Spins: Get 8 or more Ra Symbols on the screen during a single spin to activate the Free Spins mode.
  • Coin Win: Get enough Anubis or Isis clusters to fill their respective tracker, granting coin wins.

The gameplay for most of the game is simply watching the symbols drop down and waiting to see if there are any clusters. Specific symbols will fill one of the three character-trackers. Isis and Anubis have trackers that only fill when there’s a cluster with their symbols in them. These trackers fill up slowly whenever it happens, eventually filling up completely and awarding a player a coin win.

The Anubis tracker is different, and also fills in a different way. Instead of a circular tracker, this one is a long line divided into 20 pieces. Whenever an Anubis symbol appears on the playing field it will fill one space of the tracker. This continues as long as there are new Anubis symbols appearing during the re-spins of that same spin.

If there are enough symbols to fill the tracker past 8, the player is awarded free spins. Should the player get 20 or more symbols on a single spin, they’ll hit the jackpot which will be rewarded instantly! I liked that it was so obvious to see how much further I had to go to get a win, but it also made it clear I was never very close.


Legend of the Nile is a slot that is very clearly aimed at players who are looking for something a little different from the standard 5-reel, 3-row playing field. The cluster pays mechanic isn’t new but it is a big step away from the norm, and it offers some interesting new mechanics through the 3 special trackers.

Players who are not afraid to tackle a game with a lot of extra features or people who simply want to see what else is out there will probably enjoy Legend of the Nile. The game does a lot right, offering a max. win of 16,234x your bet to further entice players.

I wish the graphics were a little sharper and more detailed, dating the game more than it had to. It seems Betsoft struggles with this often or they simply aim for the more nostalgic look on purpose. Either way, I think having them be more detailed and interesting would have made it stand out even more.

Leticia Miranda

Leticia Miranda

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