Fruit Shop Slot

By NetEnt

Fruit Shop Slot

Fruit Shop Basic info

Game provider NetEnt

Release Date 11/2011

RTP 96.70%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity High

Min bet $0.15

Max bet $150

Max Win bet x 5300

Gamble Feature Multiplier, Multiplier wilds, Freespins, Wilds, Volatility

Layout 5x3

Devices Support all devices

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility Low

Progressive Jackpot No

Grab yourself a juicy snack from the Fruit Shop. Pick some fruits and chain up an enormous amount of free spins.

NetEnt released Fruit Shop in 2011 and it has always been a classic. Fruit Shop was never the main feature, but rather the steady workhorse. People have always loved this game and its simple, yet fun gameplay still works to this day.

I decided to go back and revisit this slot now that its 10th anniversary is upon us. To my surprise, this slot has a timeless feel and didn’t really feel old at all.

If you are in the mood for something cooler, NetEnt released a re-skinned version called Fruit Shop Christmas Edition in 2015. It is mechanically identical to the original but has a snowy look.

Graphics and Sound

Fruit Shop is surprisingly fresh-looking for a game of its age. If I didn’t know anything about this game, I would guess it was just a mobile-friendly slot from a year or two ago.

The visual style is clean and comical. Everything looks like it could be from a children’s comic or even from a sticker album. This style has not grown old at all, which is a big plus to a game that is currently about a decade old.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the sounds. This game has barely any sounds to begin with, and what we have, isn’t really worth a listen. The buttons make a noise, the reels stop with a soft clank and you get a fanfare when you win something. The only music you hear is the hectic song that plays during free spins, which stops as abruptly as it started.

Fruit Shop Highlights

  • Multiplier: In Fruit Shop, the winnings can be multiplied by different multiplier mechanisms.
  • Multiplier wilds: Multiplier wilds multiply the winnings in their winning combos.
  • Free Spins: You can get in-game free spins in Fruit Shop.
  • Wilds: Wilds substitute any standard symbol and help create more winning combinations.
  • Volatility: This low volatility slot has a steady stream of small and medium wins.

Symbols and Wins

The symbols in Fruit Shop look a little like stickers, which gives the game a delightful feel. The game features a bunch of different fruits and card symbols. There is only one special symbol in the game, and that is the wild.

As the game is called Fruit Shop, the fruit are obviously important. Not only are they high-paying symbols, but they also activate the Free Spin feature. If you get a win from any of the fruit, you get a couple of free spins from it. You can even re-activate the free spins while you are still spinning your old ones.

The chain of free spins that you can get is the key to the big wins. The slot has a low volatility and a decent 96,7% RTP, which means a steadier flow of smaller and medium wins.

When I played Fruit Shop, I did notice that the chains didn’t really get that big. Statistically, it wouldn’t seem that hard to get ten or more free spins, but I found that to be unlikely. Most of the time I got around five spins out of them.


  • Free Spins: Grab the fruit and get more and more free spins

Free Spin feature works a bit different in Fruit Shop than in other slots. Here, every high-paying symbol can activate the spins. Just get any win from a fruit symbol and you get some spins. The more of the same symbol you have, the more spins you get. Fruit Shop also combines the spins from multiple paylines. During the Free Spin feature, all your wins are automatically doubled.

You can get even more free spins by chaining up wins while you are in the Free Spin feature. Every single win will increase your free spin count. You can get anything between one and five new free spins for each win.

  • Doubling Wilds: Get bigger wins with the wilds

Wilds are really useful in Fruit Shop. Not only do they substitute any other symbol and add to the free spin count, but they also double every win they are a part of.

Final Thoughts

When I tested this game again after a long pause, I had to keep in mind that the game is getting old. What was good design back then, isn’t really that great any more.

The visual side is surprisingly good. I liked the light-hearted look of the game. The sounds on the other hand are long past the prime. I would suggest you mute the game and listen to something better while you play.

And what about the game itself? In short, it’s still good. The hook of the slot, which is the Free Spin feature, is still engaging. Even though I didn’t get many massive chains, the possibility kept me trying.

If you haven’t tried Fruit Shop in a long time or even ever, I’d say give it a go. Some of the old classics are classics for a reason.


In what languages can I play Fruit Shop slot?

You can play Fruit Shop in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and 20 other languages.

What currencies Fruit Shop slot supports?

Fruit Shop supports GBP, EUR, SEK, NOK and 33 other currencies.

What are the main themes of Fruit Shop slot?

The main themes of Fruit Shop are food, drink, and fruits.

How volatile is Fruit Shop slot?

Fruit Shop is a highly volatile slot, meaning it has the potential to pay out large sums of money, but it also has the potential to be very stingy. Players should be prepared to experience long periods of play without any big wins.

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