Fruit Blast slot review

By Skillzzgaming

Fruit Blast Slot

Fruit Blast Basic info

Game provider Skillzzgaming

Release Date 8/2016

RTP 95.00%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Medium

Min bet $0.80

Max bet $100

Max Win bet x 1000

Gamble Feature Bonus game or special game, Non standard reels, Multiplier, Cascading reels, Re-spins

Layout 5x5

Devices Desktop, Mobile

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility Medium

Progressive Jackpot No

If you’re looking for something rather different than the usual slots, Fruit Blast gives you that and more! Today I’ll take a look and see: is this game really a blast or more of a dud?

Expect something new when you start up Fruit Blast. No 5 reel classic slot here. When you play Fruit Blast you are treated to a 5×5 playing field that is filled with symbols. Your task is to find any combination of 3 or more of the same symbols at this hip beach bar. The more you find, the bigger your multipliers.

As you play, different bartenders are going to help you. Depending on your level you unlock more and more, each with their own unique extras and bonuses. I’ll take a closer look at them below.


Skillzz Gaming has been one of the most adventurous developers when it comes to graphics. They employ different styles and aren’t afraid to move away from the more common staples of online slots. The style is rather cartoony which means a lot of colour and exaggerated shapes.

Everything looks very sharp with a lot of attention to detail. The background is rather simple but the different bartenders all have their unique appearance. They are also all animated in unique ways. When you get a win, they’ll move around which makes it come alive a bit.

I appreciate the attention to detail the creators put into this slot. The bartenders move in a realistic way and the entire game has a frenetic feel to it. The symbols drop down quickly, bouncing slightly before settling. Clicking on a cluster causes them to pop out of existence and makes room for even more.

Even though the game offers a bunch of special features, they managed to keep the interface clear. Everything is presented in an obvious way and I never felt overwhelmed or confused about what I was supposed to do.

Sounds & Music

The music is a little slow but appropriately chill. I expected a more upbeat island song to play in the background as the game takes place at a beach bar. Then again, it does have the right vibe but it plays a little slower.

There aren’t a lot of other sound effects. Clicking on Play or selecting a group of symbols plays a quick jingle but nothing more. When you get a bigger win, it does greet you with a celebratory song but it only takes a few seconds.

The sound and music in Fruit Blast are appropriate low-key to fit a slot like this, where it does not distract or take centre stage but just gives you some nice background effects to listen to.

Symbols and Features

This game is a lot like Pets Go Wild, also made by Skillzz Gaming and released a few years after Fruit Blast. You can tell it’s the prequel in many ways as it has the same mechanics but not quite as polished.

So how does it play? To start with, there are no reels. Instead, you are presented with a 5×5 playing field. The game randomly fills it with symbols from the top and it is your job to click on groups of three or more of the same symbol.

There are five different symbols in total and each of them has a tracker of six slots. Every time you click on a group of symbols, they are counted on the appropriate tracker. Fill the tracker and you get the assigned multiplier.

The five symbols and their multipliers are:

  • Berries: 0.5x multiplier
  • Lemon: 1x multiplier
  • Grapes: 2x multiplier
  • Watermelon: 5x multiplier
  • Pineapple: 10x multiplier

It is possible to get each multiplier numerous times as well as getting different multipliers at the same time. It all depends on which symbols drop while you play and how clever you are at clicking on different groups.

Clicking on a group causes the symbols resting on it to drop down, revealing new symbols. If you play it right, this can mean you are presented with new groups you can click on.

That is most of the base game. While you play you gain experience, causing you to level up. Levelling up unlocks new bartenders which you can freely choose from. Each bartender after the first one has a bonus feature that you can unlock. Though, I never managed to get any of them.

In total, you’ll find 9 bartenders in the game. You start with Summer who offers no special bonus which means most players will probably move on to the next bartender when they unlock her at level 2. You won’t get their bonus automatically but they are special features you can win.

These are the different bartenders you can choose from after you unlocked them:

  • Summer: Level 1. Plain board.
  • Aloha: Level 2. A tasty shake with an instant win.
  • Pat: Level 5. Play 5 games. Every game wins.
  • Koko: Level 9. Pick circles to collect prizes until you click ‘collect’.
  • Casandra: Level 12. 5 rows of fruit hide big prizes.
  • Coach Max: Level 15. Get one fruit bar filled ‘on the house’.
  • Maitre D’: Level 19. Play 1 free game with x10 multiplier.
  • Mary: Level 22. Get a base prize and double it as you go.
  • Echo: Level 25. Pick circles to win prizes.

The final thing I’ll mention is the achievements. As you play you unlock different achievements, specific tasks you can complete for bonus experience. Normally I didn’t look at these a lot, I would either get them or I wouldn’t. But they help level up a little faster in addition to gaining experience by playing.


The Fruit Blast Slot is a different approach to slots and reserved for people who enjoy something else other than classic slots. The game is easy enough to understand and offers enough variety to keep it interesting.

Do keep in mind that the maximum win is very low at only $1000 but this is slightly offset by the fact you can regularly get more than your bet back. Just don’t expect a massive win that will let you retire from your job!

The slot looks amazing and I enjoyed unlocking new bartenders to see what they looked like. Their unique properties didn’t really come into play, even after playing for more than an hour. But who knows how it will go for you? If you’re into unique approaches to online slots, I don’t think you can go wrong with Fruit Blast.

Leticia Miranda

Leticia Miranda

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