Fat Rabbit slot review

By Push Gaming

Fat Rabbit Slot

Fat Rabbit Basic info

Game provider Push Gaming

Release Date 3/2018

RTP 96.45%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity High

Min bet $0.25

Max bet $100

Max Win bet x 4000

Gamble Feature Colossal symbols, Stacked wilds, Random wilds, Wilds, Freespins

Layout 5x5

Devices Support all devices

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility Medium

Progressive Jackpot No

It’s harvest time and carrots are especially delicious. The ever-growing wild rabbit is hungry and will eat them all.

Push Gaming released this chunky bugger to the world in early 2018. Fat Rabbit is a slot with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, cute hand-drawn visuals and one big bunny to devour all the crops.

This is a fun game and a one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can just sit back, relax and let the country air wash away your stress. Just don’t root for the farmer, as the rabbit is the star of the slot.

The slot features a 5×5 playfield, 50 paylines, medium volatility and an RTP of 96.45%. The medium volatility makes sure that the base game can drop some okay wins, but the free spins are where it’s all at. The titular fat rabbit will be let loose and can grow until there is no more room to expand.

If you want a more festive version, you are in luck. Push Gaming released a Christmas-themed version later the same year called Fat Santa. It is basically the same game, but with Santa, Rudolph and a whole lot of pies.

Graphics and sound

Fat Rabbit looks like a lot of modern video games. It has that same hand-drawn 3D look and the sounds feel like they are pulled straight from some mobile game. This is a good look for the slot, and it doesn’t feel like just another slot.

One thing that got my attention here, is the theme and how it is utilised. You get a proper countryside atmosphere with the characters, the art style and the backgrounds. It felt like I was watching a cartoon rather than playing a game.

The mechanics are also built to fit the theme and nothing is out of place. All of the features feel like they belong in this game and without them, the story the slot is telling would be weaker.

Fat Rabbit Highlights

  • Colossal symbols: Colossal symbols are bigger than the 1-by-1 block of a standard symbol.
  • Stacked wilds: Stacked wilds appear as a tall column and create winning combinations across the reel.
  • Random wilds: Random wilds are sprinkled on the reels after the spin to create more wins.
  • Wilds: Wilds substitute any standard symbol and help create more winning combinations.
  • Freespins: You can get in-game free spins in Fat Rabbit.

Symbols and wins

The reels are filled with eight regular symbols and two special ones. This is a simple game, so the symbols themselves are simple as well.

The high-tier symbols are highly thematic. They are the farmer, his dog, a water pail and a haystack. The low-tier symbols are card suits, which basically have nothing to do with the theme. At least they are carved from wood and share a visual style with everything else.

The two special symbols are both wilds. The rabbit and the carrot by themselves are nothing but regular wilds that substitute other symbols on the paylines. But if you happen to get both of them at the same time, that will start the feeding frenzy and activate the free spin feature.

The slot has medium volatility, which means that it’s not an all-or-nothing type of gameplay, and not all of the good wins are limited to the special features. That being said, the best wins are won from the free spins.


  • Harvest Feature: Harvest your crops and those juicy carrots

Harvest Feature is a random feature that can activate at the beginning of any regular spin. If you see a tractor going by, you know harvest time is coming. The tractor will run over the reels and leave behind a random amount of carrot wilds.

  • Free Games Feature: Feed the bunny and make it grow

The free spins are the best part of this slot. This is where you have the best chance of getting a big fat win. If the rabbit and the carrot symbols are both on the reels at the same time, you win 5 free spins. The rabbit will hop to the carrot, eat it and start your spins.

During the free spins, every carrot you get is precious. They are wilds, but also serve a second purpose. After the spin, the rabbit will scurry to it and eat every carrot on the screen. There is a tracker on the side of the screen that shows you how many carrots you still need to grow the bunny.

When you get enough carrots the rabbit wild will get larger and you win more free spins. The symbol will keep growing all the way to a 5×5 symbol, which fills the reels completely.

Final Thoughts

I like this slot and it is one of my go-to games. It is an easy choice when you don’t want to keep searching for something new or try to find an obscure hit. It’s an easy slot, plain and simple.

The reason I like this is the balance it has. You can win a decent amount from the free spins, but the game isn’t just a race to get there. There is more to this slot than just that.

I have generally been able to hold a somewhat steady bankroll during the base game and then try to hit it big with the free spins. If the bunny gets a proper meal, then you are in for a good time. But if you don’t get the first few carrots, those spins are going to be pointless.

If you like this game, then give Fat Santa a chance. It is done in the same style but has a Christmas theme. The game is basically identical, but, where applicable, it has a Buy Bonus feature that lets you jump straight to free spins.


  • Engaging gameplay: The game features an interesting storyline and unique gameplay mechanics, such as a growing wild rabbit symbol that can result in big payouts.
  • Exciting bonus features: The game offers several bonus features, including free spins and a Harvest Feature that can result in big payouts and an engaging gaming experience.
  • High payout potential: With a maximum payout of 20,000 times the initial bet, Fat Rabbit has the potential to pay out big wins to lucky players.


  • Limited theme: The game’s theme is relatively simple, with a focus on a cartoon rabbit and farm animals, which may be less engaging for some players who prefer more complex themes.
  • High volatility: The game has high volatility, meaning that while there is potential for big payouts, there is also a higher risk of losing money.
  • Limited betting options: The game has a limited range of betting options, which may not be suitable for players who prefer to place larger or smaller bets.


In what languages can I play Fat Rabbit slot?

You can play Fat Rabbit in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and 16 other languages.

What currencies Fat Rabbit slot supports?

Fat Rabbit supports GBP, EUR, USD, CAD.

What are the main themes of Fat Rabbit slot?

The game’s main themes are nature, animals, and cartoon.

How volatile is Fat Rabbit slot?

Fat Rabbit is a highly volatile slot, with an RTP of 96.45%.

Can I play Fat Rabbit for free?

Fat Rabbit is an online slot game that can be played for free. With the demo or free-play version, you can experience Fat Rabbit without betting real money and get to know its features and volatility. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of the game before investing real money.

Does Fat Rabbit slot have a jackpot feature?

No, Fat Rabbit slot does not feature a jackpot. While the game does not have progressive or fixed jackpots, it still sports a number of rewarding features, such as expanding wilds, free spins and the Harvest Feature. Through these features, players can be rewarded with sizable wins during gameplay – though a jackpot feature is not included.

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