Panda’s Run slot review

By Tom Horn Gaming

Panda's Run Slot

Panda's Run Basic info

Game provider Tom Horn Gaming

Release Date 7/2017

RTP 95.74%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Low

Min bet $0.01

Max bet $80

Max Win bet x 1000

Gamble Feature Multiplier, Freespins, Wilds, Scatter symbols, Max. bet

Layout 5x4

Devices Support all devices

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility Medium

Progressive Jackpot No

Today I’m looking at Panda’s Run to see whether or not this slot deserves a place in the wild or if it should be captured and stuck in a zoo.

At first glance, Panda’s Run wants to give its players a classic slot experience, keeping things simple and clear with its 5 reels, 40-payline setup.

The game sees us being dropped into a bamboo forest where we go looking for exotic wildlife. Keep an eye out for these gentle beasts – from the energetic red panda to the lumbering giant panda!

If you have ever played an online slot before, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Let’s take a look at what this game has to offer together.


The Panda’s Run Slot does not seem to be too interested in breaking the mould. The images and symbols are sharp but come across as uninspiring and not animated. The pictures are clear and each is distinct enough, you can easily tell the difference. The special symbols keep to the theme with a large panda, a panda family, a red panda and bamboo leaves.

Although the look and feel of the slot largely stay on theme with a bamboo forest in the background, I found some of the colours they picked odd. Things like a bright pink and bright blue field for the special symbols don’t really feel like they belong with pandas. If the goal was to keep things visually distinct, I think they did succeed though.


When it comes to the music it plays a short loop of typical Oriental music with pan flutes and a harp. It is simple but fits the theme and the quality is good. I was a little disappointed that even getting a win doesn’t merit something celebratory. I only heard a short jingle and then the game moved on.

This can be disappointing if you like to listen to some music while you’re playing but if you prefer to have the sound more as a background mood setter, then it is perfectly fine.

Symbols and Features

There are two special symbols in the game. The temple acts as a Wild, which replaces every symbol in the game except for the Scatter symbol. Meanwhile, the Scatter symbol comes in the shape of a golden turtle. When you get three Scatters on the reels at the same time, you trigger the free spins round.

The other symbols follow the regular pattern. From highest to lowest these are:

  • Large panda: Up to 500 coins
  • Panda family: Up to 500 coins
  • Red Panda: Up to 200 coins
  • Bamboo: Up to 200 coins
  • Ace: Up to 150 coins
  • King: Up to 150 coins
  • Queen: Up to 100 coins
  • Jack: Up to 100 coins
  • 10: Up to 100 coins
  • 9: Up to 100 coins

In terms of features, there isn’t a whole lot to mention that you won’t already know if you play slots regularly. Wilds substitute regular symbols and they show up semi-regularly. I did find that Panda’s Run seems to have more Wilds clustered together at times, so that means you can get a good win from that.

The other feature is the Scatter Symbol. Get three on the screen at the same time and you get a few free spins to play with. In my time playing, I got 5 each time but it could be that it goes up or down. While you are playing your free spins the total win is added up at the bottom of the screen and you receive all of it once you run out of free spins.

Finally, you can choose to Gamble on any win you make. Just click on the Gamble button next to the Play button and you can choose between red and black. Make the right choice and you could double your win. You can do this multiple times, theoretically multiplying your win several times over. However, if you pick incorrectly you lose the entire amount so be careful!


Panda’s Run is what I would call a standard slot. You’ll find sharp but static graphics, a simple fitting soundtrack and a few popular features. If you are looking for a classic slot with a specific theme and you don’t mind the simplicity of the design and theme, I fully expect you to enjoy this game!

I gave it a try and although I don’t think it’ll ever be one of my favourites, it definitely plays as I expected it to. It’s very easy to get into and if you’re looking for a classic slot with which to spend some time, I recommend Panda’s Run.

Leticia Miranda

Leticia Miranda

Slot Games Analyst

Leticia Miranda is a former gambling reporter who knows everything about slot games and is happy to share her knowledge. She has covered a broad swath of topics and trends on gambling and is always full of new ideas and energy. Leticia also has a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and is passionate about writing.