Mega Joker Slot

By NetEnt

Mega Joker Basic info

Game provider NetEnt

Release Date 01.10.2013

RTP 99.00%

Game Technology Flash

Popularity Low

Min bet $1

Max bet $10

Max Win bet x 106669

Gamble Feature Volatility, RTP, Mobile version, Jackpot, Bonus game or special game

Layout 3×3

Devices Desktop, Mobile

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility High

Progressive Jackpot Yes

Simple, elegant and calculated. Mega Joker is a classic old-school fruit machine with an unbelievably high RTP of 99%.

Mega Joker is one of NetEnt’s evergreen classics. It was released back in 2011, but is still a fixture a decade later. This can mostly be accredited to the RTP, which is higher than in any other online slot.

The game is made to look like a proper fruit machine. The visual style and some of the mechanics might remind you of another NetEnt game, Jackpot 6000. Mega Joker is actually very close to that slot in every aspect. The key differences are that this one is easier to play and has an even higher RTP.

If you feel like trying some old-fashioned slots or are just looking for a slot with good odds, then this might be the game for you.

Graphics and sound

Mega Joker is based on the old Vegas-style slot machines from the late 80s and early 90s. Simple games with three reels and only a handful of possible combinations. What Mega Joker does, is it takes that concept and gives it a bit of a modern tweak.

The game looks like a proper slot machine. You can see the edges and even a little what’s behind it. This is a great way to make you feel like you are actually sitting in front of one of these classics. The visual design of the game is a tad more modern than what those older machines were, but it would have fitted great next to any old slot machine.

If you have never played older slots, this game might look a bit confusing at first. Seeing every possible win right there on the game can be a bit odd, but don’t worry. Just follow the lights and you know what information is relevant right now.

When it comes to sound, Mega Joker does what it’s supposed to. The game sounds like a mechanical machine that clunks and whirrs. There is no music and that’s the way it should be. NetEnt has recycled some of their old sound effects here. The reels for example use the same sound from Jackpot 6000.

Symbols and wins

Mega Joker takes its symbols from the old slot machines. We get to see all the classics, like cherries, lemons, watermelons and sevens. There are a total of nine symbols, but not all are available at the same time.

The game is split into two sections, the lower reels and the upper Supermeter reels. You start off by playing in the lower half and trying to then store your wins to the Supermeter and use those wins on the upper reels. Supermeter offers much higher rewards, with slightly higher risk.

Supermeter is the interesting part of this slot. The volatility is high, so you won’t get wins often. That means that you need to think ahead. You can’t just keep hitting that spin button and play until you win big. You need to be aware of your bet and adjust it accordingly. The Supermeter feature does require some skill (game’s word, not mine) from the player. You need to find that sweet spot of risk and reward where you get enough tries and can win handsomely.

For me, the best strategy has been to store every win to Supermeter and then play with the lower bet. This way I get the most amount of attempts to win big. The higher bets are good if you like to go for the jackpot, but I don’t think that is wise in the long run.


Jokers are not wild, but they have a mysterious side to them. Getting some will give you a mystery prize that will vary depending on your bet. Different bets require a different amount of jokers and you can see what is needed and what is given right on the machine itself.

For example, on bet level 10, you need a full payline of jokers and for that, you’ll win 20-40 coins. On bet level 20 you need the same amount, but now you get a fixed amount of 1,000 coins. On the two highest levels, you only need a single joker to win, but it has to be on the right reel.

Supermeter is your passport to bigger wins. In Mega Joker, you can’t just change your bet level like that. You need to win something first, store in the Supermeter and then you have more options available.

When you start to play, you will play on the lower reels and at level 10 bet. If you win, you can either collect it or store it. If you store it, you get to play on the upper reels and play with either 20, 40, 100 or 200 coin bets. The bet button changes the bet level and the lights show which wins are active at any point.

These levels offer relatively higher wins, but the risk is now that your original win is going to be used as a wager. See which of the levels caters to your playing style and adjust the bet if needed.

Final Thoughts

Mega Joker is an interesting piece of history, but time has taken its toll. When this slot was new, it was an intriguing game with a fairly fresh style. Now a decade later, the game isn’t much more than a statistical anomaly with a single outstanding feature.

Let’s face it. If this slot didn’t have the highest RTP, basically no one would play it. The game isn’t entertaining in the same way newer slots are. This doesn’t have amazing special features or animated cutscenes. This is just a highly optimised machine that you can try to figure out.

I have always liked games like this. To me, this is an evergreen slot with a lot of potential. I have won a decent amount of money from this. Still, I find myself playing Mega Joker less and less as time goes by.


In what languages can I play Mega Joker slot?

You can play Mega Joker in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and 20 other languages.

What currencies Mega Joker slot supports?

Mega Joker supports GBP, EUR, SEK, NOK and 33 other currencies.

What are the main themes of Mega Joker slot?

There are a few different themes at play in Mega Joker slot. Firstly, there is the classic casino theme, with all the trappings that entails. This is then combined with a more lighthearted, joker-themed element, which gives the game an overall fun and cheerful atmosphere.

How volatile is Mega Joker slot?

Mega Joker slot is a highly volatile game.

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