Durian Dynamite slot review

By Quickspin

Durian Dynamite Slot

Durian Dynamite Basic info

Game provider Quickspin

Release Date 4/2019

RTP 96.22%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Medium

Min bet $0.20

Max bet $100

Max Win bet x 1000

Gamble Feature Bonus game or special game, Freespins, Bonus symbols, Wilds, Random wilds

Layout 5x3

Devices Desktop, Mobile

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility High

Progressive Jackpot No

Durian Dynamite is a rather interesting title for a game that seemingly has little to do with explosions or dynamite. Still, the game offers players a lot of excitement thanks to the excellent graphics, free spins and bonus game.

This slot with its whimsical look but standard 5-reel, 3-row playing field was released in 2019 by studio Quickspin. The game has some very bizarre elements that make it hard to quantify. You’re treated to very fluffy symbols that bounce and bloop, for lack of a better word. They look like pieces of candy, even when the symbols include different fruits.

The background shows a series of pipes and the symbols drop down through different spouts which really don’t feel like they make any sense. The durian, for those that don’t know, is a type of fruit which explains why it takes a prominent place in the game. Durian Dynamite thus probably talks about how the fruit that acts as a Wild often appears on the screen, and won’t literally explode.

Still, the graphics look great. Everything is sharp and moving around even when nothing is happening. The objects bounce and shine, shooting onto the reels from off-screen or triggering a win on 1 of the 20 bet lines. When it comes to its presentation I think Durian Dynamite will stick with people for quite some time.


The symbols in Durian Dynamite all have a very nice presentation but they’re not very original. All of the fruits are pretty standard except for the Durian itself, and a lot of the symbols are simple card letters. The presentation is where it scores points but when it comes to originality it definitely lags behind.

You’ll find the following symbols in the game, from highest to lowest value:

  • Bonus: Get 3 Bonus symbols on the screen to activate the Free Spins mode.
  • Wild: Wilds substitute all regular symbols, but not the Bonus symbol. Max. 50x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • Watermelon: Max. 25x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • Orange: Max. 20x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • Peach: Max. 12.5x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • Grapes: Max. 10x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • Berries: Max. 7.5x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • Ace: Max. 5x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • King: Max. 5x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • Queen: Max. 3.75x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • Jack: Max. 3.75x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.
  • 10: Max. 3.75x your bet with five-of-a-kind on a winning bet line.

The payouts for a win are pretty high since they aren’t aided much by any special features. The game has High Volatility which means that players are left without wins for an extended amount of time before maybe triggering a big win to compensate. In my experience, this happened occasionally. Enough to keep my funds steady but never resulting in any actual progress.


Durian Dynamite doesn’t go overboard with the number of features it has, but the ones that are there are quite intricate so a quick overview might be helpful:

  • Wilds: Wilds substitute all other symbols in the game except the Bonus symbol.
  • Dynamite Wilds: Dynamite Wilds only appear on Dynamite Reels or from the Dynamite Supply. Any Dynamite Wild that hits a regular wild will leave a Dynamite behind and spread 3 regular Wilds.
  • Dynamite Reels: Reel 3 is the Dynamite Reel which drops Dynamite Wilds.
  • Dynamite Supply: When a Dynamite Wild drops onto a Dynamite Reel, any Wilds in the Dynamite Supply will get added to the playing field. The Dynamite Supply has a random number of Wilds between 1 and 4 loaded every spin.
  • Free Spins: Get 3 Bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 to activate the Free Spins mode.
  • Upgrade Picker: When the Free Spins mode is triggered, players get to randomly collect additional free spins, Wilds and active Dynamite Reels.

As you can probably tell, a lot of the features in Durian Dynamite predictably revolve around the Durian Wild. This Wild comes in two shapes which each interacts with each other in different ways. At its core the Wilds all work as normal Wilds, substituting other symbols to help create a win. It’s mostly the places they appear in and what they do when that happens that matters.

During the base game, reel 3 is always the Dynamite Reel. When the Free Spins is activated it’s possible to have more than 1 Dynamite Reel. A Dynamite Reel is the only place a Dynamite Wild can appear on. When that happens, the Dynamite Supply on the side of the playing field empties out.

These new wilds get added to the playing field. When that happens they can either appear on a regular symbol and replace it. When they appear on an existing Wild it will leave a Dynamite Wild behind and spread 3 Wilds. If those Wilds hit a Dynamite Wild, it will leave behind a Dynamite Wild and spread 2 Wilds, and so on.

In theory, this can result in almost the entire screen being filled with Wilds, but that never happened with me. Still, it was a good feature to help create wins and it wasn’t rare either. The free spins mode is exactly the same in many ways except it’s possible to activate additional Dynamite Reels as well as filling the Dynamite Supply.

I found the features to be rather entertaining and unlike other slots they actually appeared quite often. It helped establish the game’s creative setting as well as helping with the gameplay since the Wilds often facilitated wins.


Durian Dynamite is one of the most creative slots made by Quickspin and can even compete with the biggest studios when it comes to the visual prowess that we’re presented with. Even though the creativity of the symbols and background is a little lacking, everything looks amazing and feels both whimsical and technically competent.

Players that are looking for a game that stays close to the basic gameplay we all know and love but do like to have some variation will probably enjoy Durian Dynamite a lot. The features that are introduced are definitely not used very often, but as they’re variations on popular ones it won’t take long to understand them.

You can pick a bet between $0.20 and $100 to help with the risk. The maximum win is 1,000x your bet which is quite low when you remember that this game has high volatility. In general, I had my funds slowly drop down bit by bit with bigger wins to compensate, so keep that in mind if you want to give this game a try.

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