Dragon’s Luck slot review

By Red Tiger Gaming

Dragon's Luck Basic info

Game provider Red Tiger Gaming

Release Date 4/2016

RTP 96.24%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Medium

Min bet $0.20

Max bet $500

Max Win bet x 1380

Gamble Feature Paylines from both sides, Colossal symbols, Stacked wilds, Stacked symbols, Wilds

Layout 5x3

Devices Support all devices

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility Low

Progressive Jackpot No

The Dragon’s Luck slot aims to give players a classic game with an Oriental twist. Let’s see if it lives up to that goal!

At first glance, this appears to be a simple slot with not a lot of extras. I’ll find out if looks are deceiving or if we are getting exactly what we expect.

Created by Red Tiger, Dragon’s Luck takes place in what I assume to be China featuring classic Chinese elements. Dragons, lotus flowers and written symbols that resemble the painting style of classic Chinese scrolls all contribute to a distinct style.

Playing with 5 reels and the standard 10 payline-layout, Dragon’s Luck is not wasting our time with unnecessary frills. Anyone who has played a slot game before will be able to jump in immediately. I imagined myself standing in front of a sacred temple trying to appease the two dragons on either side of the slot to grant me a win.


I’ll be honest here. The graphics for the Dragon’s Luck slot look fine but certainly do not impress. The images are crisp and sharp, fitting the oriental theme. There are very few animations and the ones that are there are simple and hastily done. The most common animation is the dragon coin spinning since it acts as a random symbol.

The only other major animations are the two dragons on either side of the reels. If you manage to get a colossal symbol on the screen, these dragons will breathe fire and rotate any dragon coins to hopefully create a big win. More on that below.

Considering the simplicity of the slot I feel like they made a good choice. Still, I can’t help but wonder if they could have added some more interesting details. Having a golden dragon coin does obviously fit the theme of the slot, especially considering the name!


There is very little in the way of sound in this slot. The only thing you’ll hear is a short musical sting every time you spin. This music is what you’d expect from a slot based on Chinese culture: A gong, harp sounds and the occasional flute. It sounds acceptable but it did not strike me as something they spent a lot of time on.

I wish I could say more about the sound effects but those are also minimal. You’ll get a confirmation that you clicked on the ‘Play’ button but that’s about it. Again, in my humble opinion, it’s like Red Tiger went for the easiest and quickest solution. A shame really, since Chinese culture has so much more to draw from.


In many ways, Dragon’s Luck is a standard classic slot. There are 5 reels and the main symbols are 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Then there are special symbols that fit the theme and are reserved for the bigger wins.

Let’s start with a quick list of the different symbols and their potential payouts with 3, 4 or 5 in a payline:

  • 138 symbol: Win 200x, 300x or a massive 1380x your bet if you manage to get 3 to 5 of these in a row.
  • China doll: 50x, 200x or 400x your bet
  • Karp: 50x, 150x or 300x bet
  • Lotus flower: 40x, 100x or 250x
  • Ace: 20x, 40x or 200x
  • King: 20x, 40x or 200x
  • Queen: 10x, 20x, 100x
  • Jack: 10x, 20x, 100x
  • 10: 10x, 20x, 100x

So far no big surprises. Obviously it is all designed to fit the Oriental theme but the use of standard slot symbols comes across as a little simple.


Dragon’s Luck has paylines that pay both ways, from both the left and vice versa. I’ve also had wins on reels 2, 3 and 4 so they don’t even need to touch the side!

  • Dragon Coins: Probably the biggest feature of the game is the dragon coins. If you have dragon coins on-screen the game stops spinning the reels and instead spins these coins. This can happen once or up to three times revealing a new symbol each time. Since all dragon coins show the same symbol, this can quickly become a massive win.
  • Colossal Symbol: The Colossal Symbol is a big dragon coin, taking up to 3 reels and 3 rows. If this symbol shows up, the two dragons on either side of the playing field will breathe fire, turning the Colossal Symbol into dragon coins and spinning them to reveal a matching symbol.

Since the Colossal Symbol is huge, you’re guaranteed a win. That’s not just me being positive! It’s mentioned explicitly on the game’s information screen.


On the surface, Dragon’s Luck is a pretty basic slot. It uses a lot of standard symbols. It also has almost no sound effects or music and the graphics are acceptable but nothing to write home about. Still, I enjoyed my time playing this slot.

It offers a quick game with accessible features and easy to understand options. The low volatility makes it so that you win pretty often, keeping the game appealing. You can choose a bet between $0.20 and $60 so it’s suitable for both high and low rollers.

I wasn’t too impressed when I started the game but as time went on the game grew on me. I would definitely recommend it to people that are looking for something familiar but original. You’ll be able to jump in and play immediately and be surprised by the unique features.

Leticia Miranda

Leticia Miranda

Slot Games Analyst

Leticia Miranda is a former gambling reporter who knows everything about slot games and is happy to share her knowledge. She has covered a broad swath of topics and trends on gambling and is always full of new ideas and energy. Leticia also has a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and is passionate about writing.