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Attack of the Zombies Free Spins
Attack of the Zombies
RTP 97.04%
Max win bet x 500
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Jazzy Christmas Free Spins
Jazzy Christmas
RTP 97.09%
Max win bet x 500
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Lucky Dragon Boat Free Spins
Lucky Dragon Boat
RTP 98.00%
Max win bet x 750
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Review of Genesis

In the dynamic world of online gambling, Genesis Gaming has established itself as a key player since its inception in 2008. With a diverse portfolio of over 150 original online slot games, they have captivated players with their unique approach to game design and exciting features. This review will delve into the remarkable offerings of Genesis Gaming, exploring their standout games, partnerships, and the distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from their competitors.

Multifaceted Collection of Original Titles

Genesis Gaming takes pride in their vast collection of more than 150 online slot games. Rather than confining themselves to a specific theme or genre, they have adopted a versatile approach, creating titles that span a wide range of categories and genres. Their games predominantly feature the traditional five-reel format, ensuring familiarity for players, while infusing each game with thrilling bonus rounds and innovative special features to keep players engaged.

The company’s commitment to originality shines through in their game development. Genesis titles are renowned for their sleek animation, high-definition graphics, and immersive storylines that combine originality and humor. This unique combination has propelled them to the forefront of the iGaming industry, attracting players who seek a refreshing and entertaining gaming experience.

Standout Slots

Within Genesis Gaming’s extensive portfolio, several titles have garnered particular attention and acclaim. Let’s explore a few of their exceptional offerings:

  1. Machine Gun Unicorn: This whimsical game pits ponies against zombies in the mythical world of Ponyland. With its clever storyline, traditional five-reel gameplay, and engaging animations, Machine Gun Unicorn delivers a truly entertaining experience.
  2. Cool As Ice: Set in the enchanting North Pole, Cool As Ice features iconic imagery of huskies, Eskimos, and igloos. The game showcases a solid five-reel slot with twenty-five paylines, accompanied by clever bonus features and delightful animations, capturing the essence of Genesis Gaming’s attention to detail and humor.
  3. Bier Fest: Celebrating the lively German Oktoberfest, Bier Fest immerses players in a vibrant atmosphere with steins of beer, frauleins, and bratwurst. The game offers a familiar five-reel, twenty-five-line slot experience enhanced by amusing and original special features, including Marzipan Pig Racing.

Genesis Gaming’s ability to seamlessly blend traditional slot gaming with clever animation, original bonus rounds, and a touch of humor sets them apart in the industry. The versatility and range of their innovative catalogue ensure that there is something to captivate every player’s interest.

Expanding Horizons and Land-Based Solutions

Genesis Gaming’s influence extends beyond the digital realm, as they also provide solutions for land-based casinos worldwide. By partnering with leading game terminal manufacturers, Genesis Gaming has successfully brought their innovative products to brick-and-mortar casino floors. Notable titles, such as American Diner, The Hero Twins, and Power Switch, have seamlessly transitioned from online platforms to create engaging experiences for land-based casino enthusiasts.

The company’s commitment to localization allows them to cater to diverse markets, offering games in over 20 languages. This global reach strengthens their position as a prominent provider in the industry, adapting their products to meet the unique preferences of players worldwide.

Game Title Description
Ragnarök Top Genesis Gaming Slot Game in the UK
Robyn Great Online Slot with 243 Ways to Win
Bier Fest Entertaining Genesis Gaming Slot with Good Payout Rates
Haunted Night Win up to 243,000 Your Bet
Today’s Weather Among the Best Genesis Gaming Slots with High RTP
Orion Rewarding 5 Reel Slot with Great Graphics
Jason’s Quest Popular Genesis Gaming Slot to Play Online
Gods of Giza One of the Best Games with Free Spins
Attack of the Zombies Top Casino Slot with Amusing Features

Genesis Gaming Jackpots and Innovative Features

While Genesis Gaming boasts an impressive lineup of titles, it is important to note that their focus lies more in creating captivating gameplay experiences rather than offering progressive jackpot pools. For those seeking the thrill of chasing monumental jackpots, other providers such as Playtech’s Jackpot Giant and Microgaming’s Mega Moolah may better suit their preferences. However, Genesis Gaming compensates for this by offering bespoke slot deals with specific online casino operators, such as Schlagermillions and Primetime Combat Kings, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players.

Genesis Gaming’s Commitment to Player Satisfaction

Genesis Gaming goes beyond delivering visually stunning games; they prioritize player satisfaction through various means. The top Genesis Gaming casinos offer generous welcome bonuses to entice new players, creating a rewarding and enticing entry into their gaming world. Additionally, their games contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements, ensuring that players can fully enjoy and benefit from their gameplay.

Furthermore, Genesis Gaming maintains a commitment to fairness and reliability. Their games undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure that players can trust the integrity of their outcomes. With seamless gameplay, high-quality graphics, and unexpected features, Genesis Gaming consistently delivers an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming Performance

Recognizing the prevalence of mobile gaming, Genesis Gaming has successfully optimized their slots for handheld devices. Their mobile gaming approach maximizes the potential of mobile screens, providing players with a streamlined and visually captivating experience. While the graphics and sounds remain unchanged, the placement of spin command buttons and settings toggles has been strategically adjusted to enable easy navigation and gameplay. Whether players are on their smartphones or tablets, Genesis Gaming ensures a seamless transition to the mobile gaming realm.


Genesis Gaming stands as a formidable force in the online casino slot industry, offering a diverse and captivating collection of original titles. Their commitment to creativity, innovation, and player satisfaction is evident in the high-quality graphics, immersive storylines, and engaging gameplay features of their games. While their focus may not be on progressive jackpots, their partnerships, land-based solutions, and dedication to localization contribute to their wide-ranging appeal.

With over 150 unique titles in their portfolio, Genesis Gaming caters to a variety of player preferences. From the mythical battles of Machine Gun Unicorn to the festive celebrations of Bier Fest, their games showcase a range of themes and genres that captivate players from all walks of life. The company’s ability to infuse humor and originality into their game design sets them apart from their competitors, ensuring that players are consistently entertained.

Genesis Gaming has made a significant impact on the online casino slot industry with their originality, innovation, and dedication to player satisfaction. With their diverse portfolio, strong partnerships, and commitment to delivering a high-quality gaming experience, Genesis Gaming continues to be a frontrunner in the ever-evolving world of online gambling. Whether players are seeking captivating storylines, innovative features, or simply a good time, Genesis Gaming is sure to provide an exceptional gaming experience for all.


When was Genesis Gaming established?

Genesis Gaming was established in 2008.

Do they have any notable partnerships?

Yes, Genesis Gaming has formed notable partnerships in the industry. One example is their collaboration with Unibet, which helped them gain significant popularity within the online gambling world.

What are some of their most popular games?

Genesis Gaming has developed a wide variety of games, many of which can be found at major online casinos. Some of their best-known titles include Ragnarök, Robyn, Bier Fest, Haunted Night, Today’s Weather, Orion, Jason’s Quest, Gods of Giza, and Attack of the Zombies.

Do Genesis Gaming slots have progressive jackpots?

No, Genesis Gaming primarily focuses on creating captivating gameplay experiences rather than offering progressive jackpots. However, they compensate for this by providing bespoke slot deals with specific online casino operators, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players.

Do Genesis Gaming slots contribute to wagering requirements?

Yes, Genesis Gaming’s games contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements. This means that players can fully enjoy and benefit from their gameplay when it comes to meeting bonus requirements.

Are Genesis Gaming slots optimized for mobile play?

Yes, Genesis Gaming has optimized their slots for mobile play. Their mobile gaming approach maximizes the potential of mobile screens, providing players with a seamless and visually captivating experience. Whether on smartphones or tablets, players can enjoy Genesis Gaming titles on the go.